12/27 Music History

-Metallica finish recording Master of Puppets. -Check berry is sued for installing cameras inside the […]

12/22 Music History

-Nikki Sixx ODs, dies, comes back to life, and writes a hit song. -The Chipmunks […]

12/21 Music History

-Elvis meets with President Richard Nixon to talk about how The King can fight drugs…or […]

12/20 Music History

-Bret Michaels gets engaged for money. -The Cat in Kiss is born. -Joe Walsh joins […]

10/19 Music History

-Titanic hits theaters and we all have to listen to that stupid Cline Dion song […]

12/18 Music History

-Keith Richards is born in a cross-fire hurricane. -Alice Cooper open his own restaurant. -DJ […]

12/12 Music History

-Mick Jagger is knighted. -Ike Turner dies of a cocaine overdose at the age of […]

12/11 Music History

-Nikki Sixx’s birthday!!! -Jerry Lee Lewis goes completely disgusting when he marries his 13-yr old […]

12/8 Music History

-Dimebag Darrell is assassinated while performing. -John Lennon is assassinated outside his NYC home. -Frank […]

12/7 Music History

-Jared Leto breaks a world record. -Judas Priest retire… For the first time. -The inventor […]