12/6 Music History

-The Rolling Stones watch a man get stabbed to death. -Motley Crue announce their first […]

12/4 Music History

-One of most iconic songs ever recorded is inspired by a Frank Zappa Concert. -Randy […]

12/1 Music History

-Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson are GQ’s “Couple Of The Year.” Even though they’re divorced. […]

11/30 Music History

-Pink Floyd releases The Wall. -Michael Jackson releases Thriller. -Desi Arnez marries Lucille Ball. -Births: […]

11/29 Music History

-Green Day release “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” -George Harrison dies. -Paul McCartney salls his paints […]

11/28 Music History

-Pamela Anderson divorces Kid Rock. -(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life and I Will […]

11/27 Music History

-MTV bans video for “Justify My Love.” -Some rich dude pays a bunch of Classic […]

11/24 Music History

-Tommy Lee marries nude model Candice. -Freddie Mercury passes away. -Flea loses a house to […]

11/22 Music History

-Pearl Jam release a album I have trouble pronouncing. -Ozzy Osbourne fights a dude trying […]