11/7 Music History

-GNR stars a riot in Canada -The Government of Hong Kong use the Rolling Stones […]

11/6 Music History

-AC/DC drummer is accused of trying to hire a hitman. He’s also on Meth. -The […]

11/3 Music History

-Metallica pays off man who lost his sense of smell -The Foo Fighters give in […]

10/2 Music History

-Rev Marvin Gaye Sr. is sentenced for the manslaughter of his son, Marvin Gaye -Police […]

11/1 Music History

-Parental Advisory stickers are introduced -MTV releases “Nirvana Unplugged” -Black Sabbath are inducted into the […]

10/30 Music History

-The Beatles finally get their own video game -Gavin Rossdale and Joey BellaDonna are born… […]

10/27 Music History

-Lou Reed dies -Beavis and Butthead return to MTV -T. Rex percussionist chokes to death […]

10/26 Music History

-Michael Jackson gets a patent -Ozzy is related to cavemen -Over 1,000 guitar player rock […]

10/25 Music History

-Taylor Swift tried to copyright some dumb phrases -Steven Tyler falls in the shower -The […]