11/28 Music History

-Pamela Anderson divorces Kid Rock. -(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life and I Will […]

11/27 Music History

-MTV bans video for “Justify My Love.” -Some rich dude pays a bunch of Classic […]

11/24 Music History

-Tommy Lee marries nude model Candice. -Freddie Mercury passes away. -Flea loses a house to […]

11/22 Music History

-Pearl Jam release a album I have trouble pronouncing. -Ozzy Osbourne fights a dude trying […]

11/21 Music History

-Adam Sandler performs The Thanksgiving Song on SNL. -Green Day’s Billie Joe is arrested for […]

11/20 Music History

-Keith Moon passes out while playing with The Who. -Elvis is sold to RCA. -Oli […]

11/17 Music History

-Guns N’ Roses are on the cover of Rolling Stone. -Elton John divorces his WIFE?! […]

11/16 Music History

-Kid Rock Hype-Man, Joe C. passes away. -Korn Release their album issues. -TRL is cancelled.

11/15 Music History

-Ozzy retires for the first time -Korn plays the Apollo Theater in Harlem -Chad Kroeger […]

11/14 Music History

-A 14 year-old girl wins one million dollars from The Offspring -Travis Barker and Tobin […]