1/31 Music History

-Peter Criss leaves Kiss. -Birthdays: Jeff Hanneman (Slayer) (Died of a flesh eating virus in […]

1/30 Music History

-Kiss perform live for the first time. 10 show up. -Phil Collins is born. -Poison’s […]

1/29 Music History

-A young woman opens fire on an elementary school, inspiring Bob Geldof to write his […]

1/26 Music History

-Eddie Van Halen is born -Prince gets on TV for the first time -Garth Brooks […]

1/25 Music History

-Deep Purple is mean to AC/DC -A woman gets her Masters Degree in The Beatles […]

1/24 Music History

-The first portable synthesizer is released, the MiniMoog. -Pink Floyd build a Wall in LA […]

1/23 Music History

-Nirvana record their first demo. -The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induct their first […]

1/22 Music History

-Slash makes an ass of himself while accepting an American Music Award. -Seal and Heidi […]

1/18 Music History

-Johnathan Davis lead singer of Korn is born. -Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey dies. -Lisa Marie […]