3/14 Music History

-Metallica play live for the first time. -The family of Michael Jackson get 750 million […]

3/13 Music History

-Black Sabbath are inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame seven years after […]

3/12 Music History

-Hundreds of Colombians start a riot while trying to jump the gate at a Metallica […]

3/7 Music History

-Mother Love Bone play their last show. Their lead singer will soon die and the […]

3/6 Music History

-In order to pay his lawyers during his murder trial, Charles Manson releases the album […]

3/5 Music History

-The Osbournes debuts on MTV -Johnny Cash discovers Stalin has died while reading Morse Code […]

3/2 Music History

-Nine Inch Nails release Ghosts I-IV to the internet, for free. -This Is Spinal Tap […]

3/1 Music History

-Pink Floyd release Dark Side of the Moon -Sting claims to have sex foooooor houuuurrrrrs! […]

2/28 Music History

-Green Day’s Billy Joe becomes a father! -The lead sing of Fallout Boy cries to […]

2/27 Music History

-Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil produces his own porno tape…nobody cares. -Gary Glitter goes […]