The Five Chores We Hate the Most

I have to do a bunch of cleaning tonight. Oddly enough, I bumped into this article today, “the 5 chores we hate most.” Thought I’d share…

I’m not sure anyone looks forward to ANY chores, but some really are worse than others. A new survey asked people what chores they hate the most.

Here are the top five:

1.  Cleaning the bathroom.

2.  Ironing.

3.  Cleaning the gutters.

4.  Washing the windows.

5.  Cleaning the garage.

How is doing laundry not in the top 5? Especially folding it. I’d rather do any of those 5 things instead. Hell, I’s rather eat a booger than do laundry. Leave a comment below and tell us you least favorite chore.

Anyone want to come to my place and fold some Kwhale shirts?