the beatles

3/20 Music History

-An IRA bomb kills two children, inspiring the song “Zombie” by The Cranberries. -Alice Cooper […]

2/9 Music History

-The Beatles make their American television debut on the Ed Sullivan Show.

2/1 Music History

-Green Day release their Dookie on an unsuspecting public. -Beyonce announces she’s having twins on […]

1/25 Music History

-Deep Purple is mean to AC/DC -A woman gets her Masters Degree in The Beatles […]

1/16 Music History

-The Beastie Boys are the first group banned from Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. -Paul McCartney […]

1/2 Music History

-Ozzy rejoins Black Sabbath two months after quitting. He is fired a year later. -A […]

12/8 Music History

-Dimebag Darrell is assassinated while performing. -John Lennon is assassinated outside his NYC home. -Frank […]

11/29 Music History

-Green Day release “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.” -George Harrison dies. -Paul McCartney salls his paints […]

10/30 Music History

-The Beatles finally get their own video game -Gavin Rossdale and Joey BellaDonna are born… […]