11/8 Music History

10/30/2008 - AC/DC - AC/DC Performs in Chicago "Black Ice World Tour 2008" - October 30, 2008 - Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL, USA - Keywords: AC/DC, ACDC, AC DC, AC-DC, Angus Young, Malcom Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd, Black Ice World Tour, Allstate Arena, Columbia Records, Chicago - False - - Photo Credit: Adam Bielawski / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

-A Linkin Park concerts ends in with one death a 19 injuries after a piece of scaffolding causes a tower to fall on to fans in the parking lot
-Sonny Bono is elected to the US House of Representatives
-David Bowie makes hi US television debut
-Miles Davis guest stars on Miami Vice
-Jack Osbourne is born
-AC/DC make it to the top of the charts with “Black Ice”



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