3/7 Music History

12/02/2006 - Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam Performs Live In Concert - Neil S. Blaisdell Concert Hall - - Keywords: Pearl Jam members, Jeff Ament (bass guitar, backing vocals) Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Eddie Vedder (vocals, guitar), Matt Cameron (drums, backing vocals) - - - Photo Credit: Tina Lau / PR Photos - Contact (1-866-551-7827)

-Mother Love Bone play their last show. Their lead singer will soon die and the rest of the band will be forced to create Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam.

-Steven Tyler and Joe Perry re-record Walk This Way for rap group Run DMC. The collaboration turns out to be a very big deal.

-The Beastie Boys become the first rap group to go number one in the U.S.

-Brian Johnson of AC/DC is forced to quit touring after his doctors tell him he’ll go deaf if he continues.

-The Supreme Court gives the A-OK to parody songs.

-Jerry Lee Lewis gets married for the seventh time.




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