JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Alaska lawmakers on Tuesday confirmed Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s Cabinet-level appointments.

The legislature, meeting in joint session, confirmed Jen Winkelman as commissioner of the Department of Corrections; Kim Kovol as commissioner of the Department of Family and Community Services; Heidi Hedberg as commissioner of the Department of Health; John Boyle as commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources; and Adam Crum as commissioner of the Department of Revenue.

The votes for Winkelman, Kovol and Hedberg were unanimous.

Lawmakers also confirmed Dunleavy’s pick of Jason Brune, who leads the Department of Environmental Conservation, as the person who would rise to the office of lieutenant governor if that position were to become vacant.

The legislature met Tuesday to weigh Dunleavy’s Cabinet-level picks, as well as his appointments to boards and commissions. The joint session comes with just over one week left in the 121-day legislative session.

Two commissioners remain in acting roles: Cathy Munoz is acting labor commissioner, and Heidi Teshner is acting education commissioner. Dunleavy has not appointed a permanent labor commissioner.

The appointment of an education commissioner is subject to a different process. The state board of education appoints a commissioner, subject to the approval of the governor.