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Alice KWHL

Alice KWHL

Violin Shreds Like Eddie Van Halen

Head bang the classical way.

Check Out Metallica’s First Business Card

Metallica’s original bassist Rob McGovney posted the bands very first business card, because nothing says metal like…

Guy From Eve 6 Goes Off on Third Eye Blind, Tool, and the Heart in a Blender Song

Max Collins the lead singer of 90’s on-hit-wonder Eve 6 took to Twitter to spill the tea…

The Secret Behind KITT from Knight Rider

So how in the 80’s did they get a self driving car? They didn’t. The show used…

Monk Covers Metallica

The loudest meditation imaginable.

Spend the Evening Watching an Alice in Chains Tribute

The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle streamed a rock who’s-who tribute to Alice in Chains. Featuring…

After 15 Years We Finally Have New System Of A Down

After a wait that could rival Tool System Of A Down Have finally released two new song…

The Most Popular Sandwich in All 50 States.

Zippa recently released a list of the most popular sandwich in each state and Alaska’s is…a surprise…

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