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Brad Stennett

Brad Stennett

15 Unbelievable Places that Actually Exist

Earth is such an amazing place. I want to go to the underwater waterfall so bad.

Mudvayne Is Back!!!!

Mudvayne have made it official. THEY ARE BACK! And not just some of them, all of the…

Albatross Faceplants During Landing

The faceplant is great but what I really loved was the baby bird was so excited until …

Amazing Time Lapse Of The Aurora from Hope Alaska

Chad Kotter made this video on March 19-20, 2021 and according to him “it was probably the…

Top Gun Movie Trailer Recreated With LEGOS

Ok, so some dude named Onbeatman recreated the entire Top Gun: Maverick movie trailer using LEGOS. Not…

Birds With Arms Is Better Than You Think!

I mean the title says it all doesn’t it?

A Drone Flying Through Nelchina Glacier.

Jake Sloan shot this amazing drone footage at Nelchina Glacier. Thanks for letting us share it Jake…

If It’s About Whales You Know We’ll Love It.

The official trailer for Secrets of Whales coming to Disney+ on April 22nd.

Amazing Single-Take Video Of A Drone Flying Through A Bowling Alley

This is incredible. One of the best drone videos I have ever seen. A 90 second (one…

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