Brad Stennett

10/25 Music History

-Taylor Swift tried to copyright some dumb phrases -Steven Tyler falls in the shower -The […]

10/24 Music History

– John Fogerty goes to court for stealing from himself -Queen becomes the first rock […]

10/20 Music History

-Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane crashes into a swamp in Mississippi, killing three members -Sting visits the […]

10/19 Music History

-Pete Loeffler is born -Kurt Cobin gets into a fight -The Baker Street Saxophonist dies

10/18 Music History

-Axl Rose publicly demands his band mates clean up their act -Chuck Berry is born […]

10/17 Music History

-Limp Bizkit release their last “good” album -Jet win a bunch of meaningless awards -Sting’s […]

10/16 Music History

-CBGB closes -Bob Dylan isn’t allowed in to his own concert -Flea is born -Apple […]

10/13 Music History

-Bob Dylan wins the Nobel Prize for Literature -Maroon 5 sing about Mick Jagger -Ed […]