Britney Spears has fans thinking something is going on after a now-deleted lengthy Instagram post. The New York Post grabbed it before it disappeared but had a nod to Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”, which she calls “one of my favorite movies”.

Spears said in the caption the truth of what has been happening in her life is “beyond comprehension.”

“I started writing my book two years ago and in those moments in my personal life, I kept to myself!!!” “Not only was my personal life kept secret, but it felt equivalent to 20 years of hard times that I wrote about in my book!!!” “Can you imagine a 2007 that lasted for three years that nobody even knows about???”  “It’s over now and I’m incredibly sad about those times!!!” She admitted she’s been reading comments about her and is touched by her fans’ support…and acknowledged they’ve been spot on.

“It’s weird cause although I do Instagram, I don’t follow social media, the news, and the fan chatter!!! I’ve been doing that this week and it’s weird cause it feels like a lot of fans already kind of know me and they [sic] way they speak is incredibly kind.

“They always a suspicion that something’s going on !!!! Well guess what Britney nerds … you were 100 percent right!!!” the singer admitted. “I don’t have time to speak about any of it cause at this particular moment it’s beyond comprehension!!!”