Imagine being a Broadway understudy and getting the call you get to perform in the starring role that night…but you are in the middle of an 8-hour flight back from vacation!!

That was real-life for Mikayla Renfrow when she got a text asking her ETA…because they needed her to star as Jasmine in “Aladdin”!!  But she was in the middle of an 8-hour flight back from Italy, would have to deplane, get through customs, get luggage…fight traffic, get in costume…hair, makeup…seemed impossible! So Mikayla asked a flight attendant if she could possibly be first to get off the plane when they land and told her why, so they got creative. The flight attendant told the pilot the situation and they become the real MVPs of the story!

They changed gates to get her closer to customs, escorted her through and got her a HELICOPTER to get there on time!!

The flight attendant that helped her out ended up going to the show to support her new friend!