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6/1 Music History

-Staind has the #1 album in America -Jack White gets married for the second time. […]

5/31 Music History

-John Bonham gets a statue in his home town. -Jimi Hendrix enlists in the Army.

5/30 Music History

-Tom Morello is born. -Ozzy sues Tony Iommi over the name Black Sabbath. -Yanni (Laurel) is […]

5/29 Music History

-Van Halen are paid 1.5 million for a single gig. At the time, a record. […]

5/24 Music History

-Chad Grey, bass player for Slipknot dies of a drug overdose. -Madonna’s Truth or Dare […]

5/23 Music History

-A Perfect Circle release their debut album. -Jewel is born. -A study finds people who […]

5/22 Music History

-Ozzy releases the album, “Black Rain.” -Meg White get s married…again. -Jerry Lee Lewis marries […]

5/21 Music History

-Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza dies on stage from a massive heart attack. -Backstreet Boys/N’Sync […]

5/18 Music History

-Chris Cornell dies. -Ian Curtis of Joy Division dies. -The lead singer of Sublime gets […]

5/17 Music History

-Trent Reznor and Josh Homme are born. -Louie Louie is cleared of obscenity charges. -Nirvana […]