I guess it’s not the happiest place on earth for everyone. From what I read all of these people are related. There are so many things wrong with this video. Here are just a few questions I’d love to have answered.

  1. Who the hell fights at Disney in toon town?
  2. How the hell are you going to punch a lady? Yea she spit on him but that’s still not ok.
  3. Where is security? I mean really. Billion dollar business and it takes security that long to do anything.
  4. How does no one step in? Seriously? Look at all the people (including some really big dudes) just standing and watching this all happen. How can any person just stand and watch a man hit multiple women and stand by and do nothing?
  5. How is no one taking care of the little baby boy who’s standing and watching his family fighting?

If I was there there is no way I would not have intervened. No question about it. So I guess the cops came and they were all released. That was before the video went viral and now with it that are going to keep investigating.

This whole video is gross and makes me sad for this great countries future. It’s not the only video like this you can find online like this. It’s sad really.  I feel for that little boy in the video. I may be in the minority but from what I just watch none of those people are qualified to be an actual parent.