5 New Song Ideas for Danzig

It seems to me that the crown prince of the sexually macabre, Danzig needs some fresh jams. Now, I’m no song writer, I’m a big-picture kind of guy. So Glenn, feel free to use these as song titles or just a jumping-off point for lyrics. But whatever you decide to do, stay wicked.


  1. Moat of Lust.

You could totally turn this into the Gothic baby-making jam of the summer. Moats are wet and protect castles, then you could lower the drawbridge and get it on medieval style.  


  1. Leather Born, Babylon.

It could be a song about a lost city of leather the God’s destroyed because everyone’s butts looked too damn sexy.


  1. Digiorno of the Damned.

It’s not delivery, it’s Hell!


  1. Sexting with Satan.

It’s a modern take on the whole ‘in love with the Devil’ thing. It’s perfect for you: satanic and sexual. Throw in some emoji’s and the kids will go bananas for it.


  1. Barely Lethal.

It could be about the smoking hot cashier at Hot Topic who’s got hair like Wyldstyle from The Lego Movie and a voice Batman… And like, this chick’s love can almost kill you. Hot, right?



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