Lots of new albums coming out this year. Next up, Green Day. Green Day’s new album drops on February 7, 2020 and the tracklist for Father of All Motherf@*#ers… has been unveiled.

It will kick off with the title track and contains 10 songs in all.

“Father of All …”

“Fire, Ready, Aim”

“Oh Yeah!”

“Meet Me on the Roof”

“I Was a Teenage Teenager”

“Stab You in the Heart”

“Sugar Youth”

“Junkies on a High”

“Take the Money and Crawl”


A Green Day fan page also posted the tracks and cover art as well


Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong posted a video on Instagram indicating the band would like to make another fan’s life by performing in their backyard.

“Hey, looks like our new record’s coming out in a month or something, so we’re just planning some stuff, some surprises,” Armstrong said. “But one thing I was thinking is, does anybody have a relatively big backyard that we can do a backyard party somewhere? Maybe come play at your house, your garage, your backyard? Or do you have a barn? Or is there a church or a church parking lot? Or, you know I was conceived in a church parking lot. Anyway, just hijinks, fun, mischief. Backyard party with your favorite band, Green Day.”



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And before you get to excited my fellow Alaskans he did say “Oh yeah, it’d have to be in California.”