Gunman opens fire on car full of people after robbery attempt

LILBURN, Ga. (AP) – Police say a group of motorists fired upon after leaving a metro Atlanta freeway made up a story about how road rage led to the gunfire.
Police initially said road rage that began on the freeway Tuesday night led a gunman to open fire into a carload of five people after they turned onto a nearby street. One occupant of the car – 16-year-old Junior Lanuza-Gutierrez – was killed. Another was critically injured.
Gwinnett County police say the occupants falsely claimed road rage led to the shooting in the Lilburn area. But investigators later determined the car’s occupants had tried to rob someone, who then shot at them after they exited Interstate 85.
Investigators on Wednesday were searching for the shooter.
Police say they arrested the three occupants of the car who weren’t injured, charging all three with murder and attempted robbery.