After some setbacks, Morgan Wallen’s new Broadway venue, This Bar & Tennessee Kitchen, opened its doors Saturday morning.

It was supposed to have it’s big opening Memorial Day Weekend, however, the TC Restaurant Group, the restaurant management company behind the bar, encountered some drama and delayed the opening until Saturday. Council members didn’t approve the sign, not because of permit or procedural issues, but because they don’t like him! Despite being one of the biggest country stars right now pulling in tons of tourism dollars to the Nashville economy, councilmembers said he had “no place in Nashville.”

Ooof. Well it opened anyway and is a six-story venue housing a bar, restaurant, and live music concept in Nashville’s Lower Broadway district and is located near the Ryman Auditorium at 107 4th Avenue North. In the meantime, Morgan’s mom gave a young superfan of her son a big surprise with tickets to his Charlotte concert and meet and greets!