Pride, envy gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth: I think Alaska is well-versed in the seven deadly sins.

Although we may have not made the top 10, Alaska did rank in the top 5 of some of the rank behaviors, but it wasn’t enough to get us past being ranked 30th overall in a study of the Most Sinful States in America.

Using the 7 deadly sins as a model, WalletHub used 43 metrics to compare the 50 states across seven key dimensions: 1) Anger & Hatred, 2) Jealousy, 3) Excesses & Vices, 4) Greed, 5) Lust, 6) Vanity and 7) Laziness.

Most Sinful States:

  • 1-Nevada
  • 2-Florida
  • 3-California
  • 4-Texas
  • 5-Tennessee
  • 30-Alaska

Least Sinful States:

  • 48-North Dakota
  • 49-Maine
  • 50-Vermont

Breaking the categories down, here’s how Alaska ranked in each category:

  • #3 – Anger & Hatred
  • #22 – Jealousy
  • #8 – Excesses & Vices
  • #4 – Greed
  • #39 – Lust
  • #38 – Vanity
  • #46 – Laziniess

Alaska being in the top 10 for hate, greed and excesses & vice is kind of surprising. Ok, maybe not the excesses & vice part but we don’t seem to have too much hate and greed. The Alaskan people I know are, for the most part, kind and very very generous. I would have also thought lust would have been much much higher. Mostly because of the long winters and needing something to do to pass the time. But maybe that’s just me.

Source: WalletHub