4/10 Music History

-Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” is the #1 album in the UK. -Paul McCartney […]

3/19 Music History

-Randy Rhoads dies in a plan crash. -Mother Love Bone vocalist, Andrew Wood dies from […]

1/18 Music History

-Johnathan Davis lead singer of Korn is born. -Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey dies. -Lisa Marie […]

1/4 Music History

-Anthr-AXE-man Rob Caggiano leaves the band. -Keith Moon drives over his chauffeur. -Jimi Henrix terrorizes […]

1/2 Music History

-Ozzy rejoins Black Sabbath two months after quitting. He is fired a year later. -A […]

12/28 Music History

Basically a bunch of people died. RIP -Lemmy -Jimmy The Rev Sullivan -Dennis Wilson -Debbie […]

12/6 Music History

-The Rolling Stones watch a man get stabbed to death. -Motley Crue announce their first […]

11/16 Music History

-Kid Rock Hype-Man, Joe C. passes away. -Korn Release their album issues. -TRL is cancelled.

10/27 Music History

-Lou Reed dies -Beavis and Butthead return to MTV -T. Rex percussionist chokes to death […]