jimi hendrix

5/31 Music History

-John Bonham gets a statue in his home town. -Jimi Hendrix enlists in the Army.

5/1 Music History

-D’arcy is born. -Nancy Sinatra graces the cover of Playboy at the age of 54. […]

3/13 Music History

-Black Sabbath are inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame seven years after […]

1/29 Music History

-A young woman opens fire on an elementary school, inspiring Bob Geldof to write his […]

1/4 Music History

-Anthr-AXE-man Rob Caggiano leaves the band. -Keith Moon drives over his chauffeur. -Jimi Henrix terrorizes […]

12/20 Music History

-Bret Michaels gets engaged for money. -The Cat in Kiss is born. -Joe Walsh joins […]

11/27 Music History

-MTV bans video for “Justify My Love.” -Some rich dude pays a bunch of Classic […]

10-23 Music History

Nirvana play their first European gig in London Jimi Hendrix records “Hey Joe” Def Leppard […]

10/18 Music History

-Axl Rose publicly demands his band mates clean up their act -Chuck Berry is born […]