Kid Rock

4/19 Music History

-Brian Johnson joins AC/DC. -The body of Layne Staley is found in his apartment. -Kid […]

4/11 Music History

-Dave Mustaine is kicked out of Metallica. -Eddie Van Halen marries TV star┬áValerie Bertinelli. -Kid […]

2/16 Music History

-Kid Rock punches a DJ at a Strip Club. -The Lead Singer of Bush and […]

1/17 Music History

-Motley Crue is formed. -Kid Rock is born. -Garth Brooks is awarded the 90’s Artist […]

12/1 Music History

-Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson are GQ’s “Couple Of The Year.” Even though they’re divorced. […]

11/28 Music History

-Pamela Anderson divorces Kid Rock. -(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life and I Will […]

11/16 Music History

-Kid Rock Hype-Man, Joe C. passes away. -Korn Release their album issues. -TRL is cancelled.