michael jackson

3/19 Music History

-Randy Rhoads dies in a plan crash. -Mother Love Bone vocalist, Andrew Wood dies from […]

3/14 Music History

-Metallica play live for the first time. -The family of Michael Jackson get 750 million […]

2/13 Music History

-Black Sabbath release their debut album. -Vince Neil leaves Motley Crue (for the first time). […]

1/18 Music History

-Johnathan Davis lead singer of Korn is born. -Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey dies. -Lisa Marie […]

11/30 Music History

-Pink Floyd releases The Wall. -Michael Jackson releases Thriller. -Desi Arnez marries Lucille Ball. -Births: […]

11/14 Music History

-A 14 year-old girl wins one million dollars from The Offspring -Travis Barker and Tobin […]

10/26 Music History

-Michael Jackson gets a patent -Ozzy is related to cavemen -Over 1,000 guitar player rock […]

9/19 Music History

  2012Fiona AppleĀ is arrested when her tour bus is stopped in the West Texas town […]