motley crue

6/19 Music History

-Guns N’ Roses are the opening act for Motley Crue on the Girls Girls Girls […]

5/10 Music History

-Tommy Lee marries Heather Locklear. -Shel Silverstein passes away. -Weezer release The Blue Album. -Chris […]

3/4 Music History

-Mick Mars’ birthday. -ZZ Top Day in Texas. -MCA of the Beastie Boys dies 🙁 […]

4/25 Music History

-Papa Roach release their first album, infest. -A band release an album of silence on […]

4/6 Music History

-Andrew Wood forms the first Grunge band in Seattle Washington and inspires his roommate, Chris […]

2/27 Music History

-Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil produces his own porno tape…nobody cares. -Gary Glitter goes […]

1/17 Music History

-Motley Crue is formed. -Kid Rock is born. -Garth Brooks is awarded the 90’s Artist […]

12/22 Music History

-Nikki Sixx ODs, dies, comes back to life, and writes a hit song. -The Chipmunks […]

12/11 Music History

-Nikki Sixx’s birthday!!! -Jerry Lee Lewis goes completely disgusting when he marries his 13-yr old […]

12/8 Music History

-Dimebag Darrell is assassinated while performing. -John Lennon is assassinated outside his NYC home. -Frank […]