Tommy Lee

6/19 Music History

-Guns N’ Roses are the opening act for Motley Crue on the Girls Girls Girls […]

5/10 Music History

-Tommy Lee marries Heather Locklear. -Shel Silverstein passes away. -Weezer release The Blue Album. -Chris […]

4/6 Music History

-Andrew Wood forms the first Grunge band in Seattle Washington and inspires his roommate, Chris […]

2/14 Music History

-Prince Marries a belly dancer who later leaves him for Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. […]

11/24 Music History

-Tommy Lee marries nude model Candice. -Freddie Mercury passes away. -Flea loses a house to […]

10/3 Music History

  2000,¬†John Lennon’s¬†assassin Mark Chapman was denied parole after serving 20 years in prison   […]