So if you haven’t yet check out the cameo from Vince Neil. Cameo is a site where you can pay celebrities to send messages to friends or loved ones. Remember the break up cameo with Mark McGrath? Awesome.

Well this one Vince Neil of Motley Crue is “allegedly” drunk. Here’s what was posted by the guys at Skunk’d Life

We hired Vince Neil of Motley Crue through a site called ( to wish my younger brother a happy 40th birthday. I got my brother into the crue when we were little and still to this day the crue and esp Vince is his idol.”

Thats a cool move by the older brother. Here’s what the younger brother had to say after seeing his cameo from Vince.

I’M DECKER!!! This was my birthday surprise from my family. What better way to celebrate the Big 4-0 than having your childhood idol and favorite rocker of all time give me a drunken birthday wish whilst giving me an unintentional nickname! VINCE NEIL OF MOTLEY CRUE GAVE ME A NICKNAME FOR MY BIRTHDAY THAT WILL STICK WITH ME FOR LIFE! BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER“!!

Oh and by the way Decker’s actual name is Derek in case you didn’t notice the instructions at the beginning.