If You’re a Grammar Nazi, You’re Probably a Judgmental Jerk

I’m not sure we needed a study to tell us this.  But anything that puts grammar Nazis in their place can’t be a bad thing . . .

According to a new study at the University of Michigan, people who point out typos and grammatical errors are more likely to be judgmental jerks in GENERAL.

Researchers had people read pre-written email responses to a roommate listing, and rate each one based on whether or not they’d want to live with the person who wrote it.  Some of the responses had typos and grammatical errors, and some didn’t.

Then they had each person who rated them take a personality test.  And the ones who gave people lower ratings because of bad grammar were more likely to be judgmental and hard to deal with than people who didn’t care.

So in other words, just noticing grammatical errors doesn’t make you a jerk.  But if they irritate you so much that you label the writer an IDIOT, you’re probably judgmental in other ways too.

The study also found that grammar Nazis tend to be more introverted, and that extroverts are less likely to be annoyed by bad grammar.



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