An Ohio man was not happy after a judge sentenced him to 47 years in prison and decided to take out his anger on his lawyerDavid Chislton was still in handcuffs when he sucker punched his lawyer, Aaron Brockler, and slammed him into a table as the two fell toward the floor. Chislton started biting Brockler’s leg before deputies were able to pull him away.

“I’m lucky that he didn’t get his hands around me and choke me out with the cuffs, or you know, he could’ve got to the judge,” Brockler told Fox8. “It’s not a good situation to be cuffed in the front, in my opinion.”

Brockler suffered a broken nose and a concussion as a result of the assault but was in good spirits after he was treated for his injuries.

Chislton had been convicted of nearly two dozen charges stemming from 2017 incident in which he pistol-whipped his girlfriend after she accused him of sexually assaulting her 15-year-old daughter. After attacking the woman, he then set fire to their apartment complex, causing severe damage and displacing dozens of families.

“This incident is a reminder that the safety of our employees, citizens and anyone else in our courtrooms should be a top priority,” Common Pleas Court Administrative Judge John J. Russo said in statement. “We thank the deputies and others who responded during the incident for their quick actions, and we encourage the sheriff’s department to fully review safety protocols for court proceedings.”