Nothing More’s Justin Hawkins Makes Statement About Running His Girlfriend Over With a Truck

The incident we’re talking about happened on December 23, 2021, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. The police report described the video evidence in detail as follows:
“On the video I observed a white truck stopping abruptly in front of [address redacted]. Shortly thereafter the passenger door opens and some items are thrown out, a few seconds pass then [name redacted] violently falls from the vehicle, landing flat on the ground. The passenger door is then closed from the inside. [Name redacted] attempts to sit up and appears to reach under the truck, at which time the truck quickly accelerates, running over [name redacted] with the passenger side rear wheel. The trucks [sic] rear end can be seen raising up off the ground as it drives over [name redacted]. [Name redacted] lies in the street, occasionally moving around until the deputies arrive on scene. Let it be noted that the truck didn’t return to the scene.”