If you live in Alaska chances are you have been to the Alaska SeaLife Center. If you have kids chances are they went on a field trip to the Alaska SeaLife Center and had a great time.  Well with the craziness of 2020 we are in danger of losing the Center for good.

ASLC’s President and CEO, Tara Riemer said “Based on our projections, the Alaska SeaLife Center may be forced to close our doors permanently at the end of this summer.”

We CAN NOT let that happen.

The Alaska Sea Life Center has set up a place where you can, and hopefully will, donate. Click Here to help.

There is also and auction going to be put on by 2 local artists, Amanda Rose Warren and Christina Wilson. 100% of the proceeds will got the the Alaska SeaLife Center. Here is the info for that as well.

This is an online only event. There will be two hosted auctions on Thursday Aug 13th on Facebook. The bidders with the highest amounts at closing will win artworks and will be helping a wonderful cause!!

Auctions will be posted and opening at 8am and closing at the same times (8pm) on both Christina Wilson’s Art page and Amanda Rose Warren, Artist page.
All proceeds are going to the Alaska Sealife Center
August 13th 8 am -8pm
Shipping will be be paid separate (for quotes message us about the item)

Auction is full of some of the BEST local talent and makers! We will be doing sneak peeks along the way!
Word on the street is Amanda And Christina are competing for who can earn the most! Slinging art for a good cause!!! Winner gets to load up a super soaker and decorate the loser in paint!!!!

Click here for the Auction

Amanda Rose Warren 

Christina Wilson