Turns out that Slash is a big fan of The Walking Dead. When the guitarist noticed that the hit series didn’t have any music outside its score, he grabbed his guitar and set out to work.

Slash says he pressed the people at AMC to use his piece, but they rejected the idea, claiming, “Cause it’s me, and they don’t wanna have any recognizable existing names as part of The Walking Dead world.”

But listening back, Slash admits in a recent interview, “I couldn’t even believe that I had the balls to send it in — it was just this scratchy, unplugged electric guitar, like, ‘Hey! I’ve got an idea!’”

Thankfully the music didn’t get tossed in the trash. Slash revived it for his latest solo album, Living The Dream, working out lyrics with singer Myles Kennedy and the arrangement with The Conspirators to create, “The One You Loved Is Gone”.