6/11 Music History

-Korn release the album Untouchables. -American Idol debuts on FOX. -Olivia-Newton John is the United […]

4/11 Music History

-Dave Mustaine is kicked out of Metallica. -Eddie Van Halen marries TV star Valerie Bertinelli. -Kid […]

4/4 Music History

-Marilyn Manson gets punched in a Canadian Denny’s -By decree of the Swedish government a […]

3/14 Music History

-Metallica play live for the first time. -The family of Michael Jackson get 750 million […]

3/12 Music History

-Hundreds of Colombians start a riot while trying to jump the gate at a Metallica […]

2/22 Music History

-Metallica lose the Grammy for Heavy Metal to Jethro Tull. -RHCP guitarist John Frusciante  sabotages […]

2/1 Music History

-Green Day release their Dookie on an unsuspecting public. -Beyonce announces she’s having twins on […]

12/27 Music History

-Metallica finish recording Master of Puppets. -Check berry is sued for installing cameras inside the […]