4/3 Music History

Birthday for┬áSebastian Bach, Eddie Murphy, and a guy that once worked with the lead singer […]

4/2 Music History

-Nirvana start recording demos for Nevermind. -Robert Pilatus of Milli Vanilli dies. -Buddy Rich Dies. […]

3/30 Music History

-Jeopardy debuts on TV…featuring the Thinking Theme… which is playing in your head right now. […]

3/29 Music History

-Brian Johnson becomes the lead singer of AC/DC -Perry Farrell is born -Nickelback wins three […]

3/28 Music History

-Ozzy starts a mini riot when he invites the first two rows up on stage […]

3/27 Music History

-AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)” is released in America five years after it’s original […]

3/26 Music History

-Soundgarden have the #1 album in America. -The Rolling Stones use the Lips and Tongue […]

-The lead singer of Gwar dies. -The lead singer of Blur is born. -A short, […]

3/22 Music History

-Dave Grohl goes to bat for a teenage group of heavy metal-ers that practice in […]