4/16 Music History

-David Lee Roth is busted buying a dime-bag. -Temple of the Dog is released. -Nirvana […]

4/12 Music History

-Ozzy gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. -The lead singer of Everclear […]

4/11 Music History

-Dave Mustaine is kicked out of Metallica. -Eddie Van Halen marries TV star┬áValerie Bertinelli. -Kid […]

4/10 Music History

-Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast” is the #1 album in the UK. -Paul McCartney […]

4/6 Music History

-Andrew Wood forms the first Grunge band in Seattle Washington and inspires his roommate, Chris […]

4/5 Music History

-Kurt Cobain kills himself. -Layne Staley, frontman of Alice in Chains dies. -Kurt Cobain’s hometown […]

4/4 Music History

-Marilyn Manson gets punched in a Canadian Denny’s -By decree of the Swedish government a […]