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1/23 Music History

-Nirvana record their first demo. -The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induct their first […]

1/22 Music History

-Slash makes an ass of himself while accepting an American Music Award. -Seal and Heidi […]

1/18 Music History

-Johnathan Davis lead singer of Korn is born. -Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey dies. -Lisa Marie […]

1/17 Music History

-Motley Crue is formed. -Kid Rock is born. -Garth Brooks is awarded the 90’s Artist […]

1/16 Music History

-The Beastie Boys are the first group banned from Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. -Paul McCartney […]

1/5 Music History

-Marilyn Manson is born in Ohio. -The Soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever becomes the best […]

1/4 Music History

-Anthr-AXE-man Rob Caggiano leaves the band. -Keith Moon drives over his chauffeur. -Jimi Henrix terrorizes […]

1/3 Music History

-Led Zeppelin bass player John Paul Jones is born. -Britney Spears gets married for 55 […]

1/2 Music History

-Ozzy rejoins Black Sabbath two months after quitting. He is fired a year later. -A […]