11/16 Music History

-Kid Rock Hype-Man, Joe C. passes away. -Korn Release their album issues. -TRL is cancelled.

11/15 Music History

-Ozzy retires for the first time -Korn plays the Apollo Theater in Harlem -Chad Kroeger […]

11/14 Music History

-A 14 year-old girl wins one million dollars from The Offspring -Travis Barker and Tobin […]

11/13 Music History

-Terrorists attack a Eagles of Death Metal concert -Wu-Tang member Ol’ Dirty Bastard dies -Soundgarden […]

11/10 Music History

-Kurt Cobain’s journals are published on paperback. -Sesame Street debuts on PBS. -Mick Jagger and […]

11/9 Music History

-Willie Nelson gets busted by the IRS -The first issue of Rolling Stone Magazine is […]

11/8 Music History

-A Linkin Park concerts ends in with one death a 19 injuries after a piece […]

11/7 Music History

-GNR stars a riot in Canada -The Government of Hong Kong use the Rolling Stones […]

11/6 Music History

-AC/DC drummer is accused of trying to hire a hitman. He’s also on Meth. -The […]

11/3 Music History

-Metallica pays off man who lost his sense of smell -The Foo Fighters give in […]